FLYNN are delighted that along with our strategic partner, Springvale Employment and Learning, we have been shortlisted in the DEL Skillbuild Apprentice of the Year Awards for our joint efforts in the provision and support of training and apprenticeship places in NI.

This year FLYNN and Springvale formalised a strategic partnership to assist FLYNN with resourcing the ‘social clauses’ contained within our recently awarded public sector contracts with 4+ year terms.  The term of such contracts allows FLYNN to accurately project the number of new trainees and apprentices required each year to fulfil FLYNN’s continued growth and particularly the obligations under public sector contract Social Clauses, across a variety of trades that Springvale can develop in conjunction with our supervisors to meet operational needs.

This year FLYNN has taken on 12 apprentices, trainees and long-term unemployed from Springvale and over previous years has provided permanent employment for up to 40 of those.  Many remain in the business years after completing their training and several have progressed to more senior positions.

Skill Build Competitions inspire young people and adults to be ambitious in their pursuit of skills to the highest level. The competition not only encourages trainees to improve their own skills, but provides an example of the high quality work being produced in training organisations and colleges across Northern Ireland.